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Public Transport Details for Indore

Indore City Bus is a road transport system run by Indore City Transport Services Limited or ICTSL. This transport system runs through 277 kilometers of road network in the Indore city and surrounding areas. The city bus service has 6 private partners along with the city administration and the total investment has gone more than 40 Crores.

The buses - designated as City Bus today ply on 36 Routes, with around 170 Bus Stop Stations. There are 225 General Low Floor, 190 Semi-Low Floor. The buses are color coded as per their route.

Bus Types

The buses are color coded as per their route.

Blue buses: All Blue buses move towards Rajwada and will definitely touch MG Road at any moment of time.
Magenta buses: All Magenta buses move along the AB Road and will definitely touch AB Road at any moment of time.
Orange buses:
All Orange buses move towards Airport along the Bond Road and will definitely reach Bada Ganpati Square